Preparation is critical for success.

Plant LB utilizes Multiply Training to offer comprehensive training around the practicalities of starting a new church. This training has been designed and revised with you—church planters in the Greater Long Beach area—in mind. The training was originally developed by Mac Lake of the Multiply Group, and is in constant improvement by a small national team, including John Alwood, the director of Plant LB. In revising this material, we took into account not only our unique context, but also the many different models of planting one might utilize. This training has proven extremely to be helpful for those planting in the Greater Long Beach area.

Multiply Training is uniquely designed to meet the urgent need for churches that will reach the ever-growing population with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The sobering reality of church planting is that many churches don’t make it past the first few years. With such high turnover, drop out, and burnout rates among church planters today, we need planters who are well equipped to execute God’s call on their lives.

Our passion behind Multiply Training is to develop strong, healthy leaders. We’ve developed a unique approach to training planters using 12 Leadership Competencies. The developmental process should be highly relational; that’s why we utilize a coaching and mentoring approach at the heart of our process. We believe that the best way to equip new leaders is to surround them with a network of experienced support. Thank you for sharing your church planting experience with each Cohort, and thank you for channeling your love for church planters into this worthwhile endeavor.


There are three key challenges facing every potential church planter. This unique training is designed to meet each one:

1. Isolation

Church planting can be a lonely journey. Many planters dive into the challenge and quickly find themselves discouraged and alone. As a trained Church Planting Facilitator, you will be a helpful coach along the way as the planters gain the skills needed to succeed. In addition, the planters will bene t from the close fellowship among the small group of other planters (Cohort) who are also at the beginning of their journey. While sharing what they’re learning and processing their assignments together, you will be helping them build a bond that will encourage them during the challenging months and years ahead.

2. Inadequate Training

Multiply Training is committed to developing leaders through an intentional and relational process. Too many planters place all of their attention on methodology, while neglecting the practical skills and wisdom of solid leadership. Throughout the training process you will help them process assignments geared toward helping them learn and reinforce 12 Leadership Competencies.

3. Impotent Churches

Only 4% of American churches are “reproducing churches.” God has not called us to build empires unto ourselves, hoarding resources and experience. Christ commissioned His followers to go into all the world, making disciples…” Imagine if only 4% of the families in America were reproducing! This is the spiritual crisis we are facing. Multiply Training synergizes the efforts and resources of Kingdom-minded churches to maximize ongoing impact.


This is a common question we get from busy church planters who are considering joining a cohort. While there is some work involved, so far, every planter who has been through the entire training has commented that it was well worth the time invested. Everything you develop through the training directly helps impact your ability to plant well, have simple structures, and raise funds effectively. Typically, the training involves:

  • Two 3 hour sessions a month
  • About 3 hours of homework between sessions which involve a couple chapters of reading and projects you’ll probably already need to work on for the development of your new church. See the schedule for a list of session outcomes.
  • We kick off the training with a fun 2-day retreat in the mountains.
  • Celebration dinner at the completion of the training with all planters and spouses.

How Multiply Training Works

Each Multiply Training session is designed to unpack and process 1 of 12 Leadership Competencies. When we first developed this curriculum, a team of people interviewed successful church planters and asked: “Aside from the grace and power of God, what is it about you as a leader that contributed to your church plant being healthy and thriving?” After three months of interviewing dozens of church planters, we identified a pattern that marked the birth of the 12 Leadership Competencies. We then organized the competencies in sequential order to match the church planting journey.

12 Multiply Leadership Competencies
1 - Calling and Character

Competency: Identify & confirm a passionate sense of calling and master the discipline of leading yourself


  • Prospectus Outline
  • Get to know your cohort
2 - Missional Engagement

Competency: Understand the makeup of your community to develop a missional engagement strategy


  • Demographic Study
  • Kingdom Concept
  • Missional Engagement Strategy
3 - Vision

Competency: Cast a clear and compelling vision


  • Vision Frame Rough Draft
  • Mission Statement
4 - Bold Faith

Competency: Lead with a bold faith that takes prayerful risks


  • Faith Goals Established
  • Prayer Partners Recruited
  • Prayer Communication Template
5 - Values

Competency: Evaluate your values and integrate them into the DNA of your church


  • Core Values
  • Doctrinal Statement
6 - Funding

Competency: Effectively raise and manage money toward sustainability


  • Budget Projector Snapshot
  • Fundraising Timeline
  • Master List of Potential Donors
7 - Disciple making

Competency: Be intentional about making disciples who make disciples


  • Define Marks of a Disciple
  • Missional Map
8 - Systems and Structure

Competency: Develop measurable systems and structure to support the vision


  • Leadership Pipeline defined
  • Organizational Chart
  • Begin implementing key systems
9 - Team Building

Competency: Empower key leaders to execute the vision


  • Team Prospect list
  • Leadership Team Structure
  • Job Descriptions template
  • Planter biography for prospectus
10 - Governance

Competency: Build a temporary board to help you with your finances, decisions, and heart


  • Oversight Team Developed
  • Key Financial Processes
  • Non-Profit Status
  • Polity & Organization
11 - Communication

Competency: Communicating for Kingdom Impact


  • Written Philosophy of Preaching
  • 1st Quarter Preaching Plan
12 - Multiplication

Competency: Create a culture of multiplication


  • Leader development strategy
  • Leadership Competencies & Levels
  • Plan for building multiplication DNA
Donate for the multiplication of
Christ-following communities.