Preparation is critical for success.

Without solid training for planters, churches fail. How do we consistently provide effective training?

Plant LB utilizes a six-month training process based on the 12 Leadership Competencies of the Multiply Training. We typically have 2 cohorts per year in Long Beach for new planters in the area, or potential planters who are being raised up within our churches. Cohorts are typically around 4 planters (max 8), and involve a highly experiential, interactive, and practical learning environment so that participants develop working knowledge of the competencies. Each planter completes the training with a completion certificate, and having developed a fundraising plan, planter prospectus, as well as other key systems and plans.


Plant LB is growing weekly in the number of churches, organizations, and leaders from the private and public sectors who desire to see the Gospel infuse Greater Long Beach. We create collaborative spaces for local leaders to network and build impactful relationships, prepare missional leaders for greater effectiveness, care for planters and their families who are in the midst of their challenging work, and provide a vision and strategy around which the church in our city can rally.

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