We launched our church, Chapel of Change, three years ago with one Sunday Celebration. Today we have four Sunday Celebrations spread out on two locations. We haven’t launched a new church yet but we are primed to do so as we have several church planter candidates in the pipeline. When it comes to multiplying, you have to be intentional. Here are some steps to help you prep.


Be Theologically Convinced.

You have to be convinced God wants this for your church. More so, God wants this for His Kingdom. It wont happen just based on good intentions or wishful thinking. Get into the word and let God’s “will” drive you. Here are some good places to start: Gen. 1:22; Mat. 28:18-20; Acts 1:8; Acts 13:2; Acts 16:5.


Talk About It

It’s important to develop a “culture” of multiplication. Your stories and what you celebrate verbally help you do this. Before we even launched our church, we were telling stories about other churches planting churches. Now it’s part of what we think about on a daily basis. Our people are actually expecting us to launch a church soon. I know longer have to convince them about the importance of multiplying.


Be Willing to Sacrifice

It’s amazing how so many church planters are into church planting until they plant their own church. Then it’s all about building up their work. It maybe because multiplication takes sacrifice. And sacrifice hurts. If you’re going to multiply, be prepared to sacrifice people, money and talent.


Keep Your Guard Up

I’m convinced that church planting is three notches down from being a kamikaze. The spiritual warfare is real. And even much more intense if you plan on being a church planting church. Stay prayed up. Stay in love. And surround yourself with some die hard Christian friends.

I’ll be cheering for you. Happy church planting.






Brian Warth

Brian Warth

Brian is pastor and planter with Chapel of Change in Paramount. He authored the book, Young Man Arise, and he serves as Vice President of PlantLB.