PlantLB continues to influence and inspire my leadership within the garden church through building relationships with other church planters and leaders. By collaborating with other churches and pastors within the city, our vision for our city and our church expands and now includes a broader community of people.  What we envision seems possible when we do it together. PlantLB helps further the mission the church in Long Beach.

Darren Rouanzoin

Pastor, The Garden

PlantLB has meant EVERYTHING to me!!! Without them my wife and I would pretty much be planting alone. I think every church relationship, partnership and speaking engagement that I’ve had in this city has come through PlantLB. PlantLB isn’t just a great resource though, it’s family.

Terrence Brooks

Pastor, New Wine Church

PlantLB helped to give us the mindset we needed to prioritize the city in our outreach efforts. So today, we don’t just proclaim the Gospel. We also demonstrate the Gospel.

Brian Warth

Planter/Pastor, Chapel of Change

The biggest value with Plant LB is the fact that you’re able to gather leaders from around the city in a specific geographic area where you are being equipped and empowered to plant churches and launch new ministries for the sake of the kingdom. Not only that but you get to do this kingdom work with like-minded people.

Pete Watts

LA City Director, World Impact

PlantLB is one of the big reasons I’m planting a church in Long Beach. The financial and relational support we’ve received through PlantLB has been enormous.

Jason Brown

Co-planter/Pastor, City Church of Long Beach

I am thankful for the diversity that Plant LB brings to the table. You really get to see a glimpse of the Kingdom every time we gather and learn from each other.

Hector Mora

Planter/Pastor, Vision Church

PlantLB is a true gift to church planters. I am so thankful for the friendships, the encouragement and time put into equipping me to replant a church of disciple-making disciples. I am so thankful for PlantLB and the supporting church planters. Grace and peace.

Mike Larsen

Pastor, Encounter Church in Bellflower

PlantLB has allowed me to build relationships with fellow planters in a healthy environment. It has given me valuable tools that I can apply to my church plant in a “right now” type of way.

Cedric Nelms

Planter/Pastor, The Chosen Generation in South Los Angeles

I love PlantLB and their relentless focus to see the Church multiplied and mobilized to impact the greater Long Beach area. Plant LB is making a significant impact by building a culture of movement that will transform Long Beach and beyond.

Chris Lagerlof

Executive Catalyst, Mission OC

The value that Plant LB brings to our city is that it provides church planters healthy and genuine support, from providing training, coaching and relationships in ministry, to even financially coming alongside church planters for long lasting healthy ministry.  We couldn’t see a church planter come into our city and not want to be a part of what God is doing in and through Plant LB.

Josh & Noemi Chavez

Planters/Pastors, 7th Street Church

The Branch has its roots in PlantLB. Even though we’re part of a bigger denomination, PlantLB played a very intricate role in getting us off the ground. Most church plants value financial resources, but it’s the human element the was very helpful for us. PlantLB has connected us to other like minded people and pastors that doing God’s work in Long Beach isn’t a lonely endeavor. It truly has been a fruitful journey because of PlantLB.

Derrick Engoy

Planter/Pastor, The Branch in Long Beach

I moved from out of state to plant in Long Beach. I knew a few people but felt very isolated. I joined PlantLb over a year ago and I can’t tell you how much it has helped myself and our church! We have benefited tremendously from the training, coaching and connection with so many local pastors.

Ryan Grabill

Planter, Soundhouse Church

We need more healthy, thriving churches in Long Beach. I love the idea of churches working across denominational lines for the sake of mission.

Mike Goldsworthy

Lead Pastor, Parkcrest Church

PlantLB provides a refreshing resource that crosses the (oftentimes) petty denominational lines in order to increase the great commission in Long Beach via creative resources and collaborative effort.

Antonio Appling

Entrepreneur & Business Owner, The Nest: A Breakfast Joint

PlantLB provided much-needed coaching, financial support, and community for us as a church when we were just getting started. Frankly, the best part was the community support. We connected with so many other pastors who encouraged us and prayed for us. One of the chief reasons we planted in Long Beach was because of PlantLB.

Bill White

Co-Planter/Pastor, City Church of Long Beach

PlantLB stands as a beacon in Long Beach, calling like-minded church planters and church leaders to stand and thrive together.

Brandon Cook

Pastor of Vision and Teaching, Long Beach Christian Fellowship

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